AI Data Collection Platform

Dive into the world of smarter data management with Prime Force's AI Data Collection Platform Solution. Tailored for AI-driven enterprises, our solution enriches, organizes, and ensures seamless access and governance of your datasets to train, evaluate and optimize your AI models.

Prime Force’s AI Data Collection Platform Solution stands as a beacon for AI-driven businesses, offering a comprehensive scalable solution to turn the challenge of data management into a strategic asset. Experience robust capabilities in data ingestion, enrichment, normalization, and retrieval, all designed with your business in mind. Our AI Data Collection Platform Solution acts as a powerful data lake house, seamlessly combining raw data storage with structured querying capabilities. That way, you can manage diverse data sources, allowing advanced analytics, enabling machine learning and other intelligent processes.


Comprehensive Content Services

From powerful data ingestion to enrichment and normalization, our platform handles the complexities of modern data management. Built on modern open-source technology, the data lake house offers unparalleled accessibility and flexibility, free from the constraints of user limitations or data volume restrictions. 

Efficient Data Retrieval and Normalization

Quickly access the data you need when it matters the most. Our platform enhances your decision-making process with enriched datasets and generating static and dynamic playlists, ensuring your datasets are consistent, comparable, and meticulously organized.

Superior Data Governance and Security

Addressing the paramount concerns of today's digital landscape, our platform comes equipped with Standard Content Services Platform (CSP) Features for retention, permission, relations, etc., ensuring your data's security and seamless interaction.

Storage Independence and Seamless Integration

Prime Force's AI Data Collection Platform interacts with your data, regardless of its storage location. And, as an API-first platform, it seamlessly integrates with other services, applications, and data sources, allowing systems to scale by handling increased requests without major changes.

Who Can Benefit From This Solution?

This solution is designed for:

  • Companies seeking for a single source of truth for their business critical data to build AI powered analytics on top.
  • Organizations currently employing one or multiple Document Management Systems (DMS) or Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECM) like Documentum, FileNet, IBM, OpenText, SER...
  • Entities grappling with elevated maintenance fees for existing ECM/DMS platforms or confronting an End of Life (EOL) scenario.
  • Enterprises aiming to streamline operations, diminish complexity, and curtail internal expenses.
  • Businesses running legacy ECM/DMS systems with restricted new features, obsolete product stacks, or outdated user interfaces.
  • Corporations seeking a cloud-native, low-code, and open-source Content Services Platform (CSP) proficient in handling substantial volumes.
  • Companies in search of an experienced Hyland|Nuxeo partner to elevate their content management capabilities.

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