Transforming Automotive Testing

An innovative automotive supplier encountered a formidable challenge in their development process: the imperative to establish a centralized data management system for their automotive testing. Their mission was explicit - to collect, enrich, analyze, visualize, validate, and share measurement data sourced from diverse outlets like test benches, test vehicles, and simulation tasks. However, the fragmented storage of data across disparate silos impeded processes, escalated development costs, and jeopardized quality standards. With a strategic vision geared towards expediting market entry, the supplier aimed to revolutionize their data management approach. By centralizing the management of test and measurement data, including data collected via IoT devices, they sought to eradicate silos, curtail development costs, and elevate quality standards. The targeted Go-Live date, a pivotal milestone set for December 2023, underscored their commitment to innovation and efficiency. Our bespoke approach was designed to meet the unique needs of the automotive supplier, involving the implementation of a cloud-based low-code content services platform. Grounded in an API-first methodology rooted in REST API, we crafted a system that not only stored recorded test data in a freely definable structured hierarchy but also enriched it with crucial attributes.

Key Features of the Tailored Solution:

  • Dynamic Attribute Creation: Leveraging key-value pairs, our system facilitated the flexible creation of attributes, including timestamped attributes valid only at specific moments within the recording or stream.
  • Sophisticated Index Mechanism: Confronting the immense data generated, we implemented a highly sophisticated indexing mechanism, ensuring rapid access and retrieval of information.
  • Custom Search Capabilities: Acknowledging the intricacy of the data, we developed a custom search functionality enabling complex searches across the diverse data landscape.
  • Data Collection and Workflow Integration: Our system facilitated the creation of data collections based on search results, seamlessly transferring them to downstream processes via workflow. This ensured a smooth transition and optimal utilization of data across various development stages.

The implementation of the cloud-based content services platform marked a transformative moment for the automotive supplier. Centralizing their IoT measurement data management not only accelerated their market entry but also resulted in substantial savings in development costs. Importantly, the new system laid the foundation for elevated quality standards across their product range. Efficient data collection, management, and utilization empowered the automotive supplier to make informed decisions swiftly, innovate confidently, and maintain a competitive edge in the dynamic automotive industry.

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