Archive Solution For SAP®

Dealing with the vast amounts of documents and data generated by SAP® systems can be overwhelming, particularly when considering compliance and storage costs. Our Archive Solution for SAP® is here to alleviate these pressures by offering an innovative approach to managing SAP® documents and data.

Shows exchange of metadata and content via SAP Certified Connector. Connector handles documents, print lists, and data archiving. Built on content services platform with versions, lifecycles, reports, and commenting.
Designed for optimal efficiency and legal compliance, Prime Force’s Archive Solution for SAP® seamlessly integrates with both SAP S4/HANA® and SAP®R/3® ECC6 platforms using Nuxeo. Embrace cloud-native benefits and a low-code implementation process that simplifies setup and integration, accommodating standard SAP® archiving scenarios and tools. This straightforward approach ensures a swift and efficient setup, allowing your business to quickly realize the benefits of SAP® document and data management with minimal disruption.

Prime Force’s Archive Solution for SAP® streamlines the storage, retention, and access of documents, ensuring your business remains compliant, agile, and cost-effective. This comprehensive solution is your gateway to a more organized, accessible, and secure system that integrates seamlessly with your existing SAP® infrastructure.

Unify Your Document Management Experience

Integrating an Archive Solution like Nuxeo with systems like SAP S/4HANA® or SAP® R/3® ECC6 eliminates the hassle of switching between applications for documents. This creates a central location for all documents, streamlining workflows, improving data access, and overall making document management a breeze.

Securely Store and Easily Retrieve All Your SAP® Documents and Data

Your business can ensure secure and centralized storage of all their crucial SAP® documents and data, like invoices, purchase orders, and delivery notes, with Prime Force’s Archive Solution for SAP®. This eliminates the need for scattered storage and simplifies document retrieval, saving time and effort. Additionally, Nuxeo's secure archiving ensures regulatory compliance and peace of mind for businesses.

Streamlined Data Archiving for Optimal Storage and Retrieval

By utilizing SAP® data archiving (ADK/ILM) and Nuxeo, businesses gain a powerful solution for managing vast amounts of archived SAP® data. Nuxeo offers secure, long-term storage that frees up space in your main SAP® system, improving performance and saving cost. 

Integrated SAP® Experience

Our Archive Solution supports various SAP® integration scenarios like SAP® ArchiveLink, GOS attachment service, SAP® DMS, and SAP® Knowledge Provider for a seamless experience. Access and manage your archived documents directly within familiar SAP® interfaces like SAP® GUI, SAP Fiori®, and WebGUI. Eliminate the need to switch between applications, saving time and frustration, while keeping users productive within their preferred SAP® environment.

Seamless Data Flow Between SAP® and Nuxeo

Customers can eliminate data inconsistencies and streamline information flow with effective bidirectional communication between SAP® and the archive. This Archive Solution ensures seamless two-way exchange, meaning any updates made in SAP® are automatically reflected in Nuxeo, and vice versa. This reduces manual effort, minimizes errors, and guarantees data consistency across both systems for better decision-making.

Metadata Synchronization

Stop wasting time manually tagging documents. Prime Force’s Archive Solution for SAP® with metadata synchronization automatically copies key information from SAP® directly to Nuxeo. This enriches your archived documents with context, making them easier to find and understand. With complete and accurate metadata, you can retrieve relevant documents faster, improve search accuracy, and ensure the integrity of your archived information for better regulatory compliance and informed decision-making.

Who Can Benefit from This Solution?

This solution is designed for:

  • Businesses seeking a SAP® certified Integration for Hyland|Nuxeo.
  • Organizations currently employing one or multiple Document Management Systems (DMS) or Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECM) like Documentum, FileNet, IBM, OpenText, SER...
  • Entities grappling with elevated maintenance fees for existing ECM/DMS platforms or confronting an End of Life (EOL) scenario.
  • Enterprises aiming to streamline operations, diminish complexity and curtail internal expenses.
  • Businesses running legacy ECM/DMS systems with restricted new features, obsolete product stacks, or outdated user interfaces.
  • Corporations seeking a cloud-native, low-code, and open-source Content Services Platform (CSP) proficient in handling substantial volumes.
  • Companies in search of an experienced Hyland|Nuxeo partner to elevate their content management capabilities.

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