Nuxeo E-Signature Solution With XiTrust MOXIS

Transform your document signing process with Prime Force’s cloud-native eSignature solution designed for seamless integration with the Nuxeo platform. Elevate your organization's efficiency, security, and compliance with batch document signing, customizable certificates, and adherence to global standards without extra costs. Trusted by leading companies and designed for a broad range of industries, XiTrust MOXIS ensures your document integrity while offering flexible deployment options.


XiTrust MOXIS for Nuxeo redefines the landscape of electronic document signing, offering a robust, scalable, and highly secure solution tailored to meet the demanding needs of your business. By leveraging the cloud-native architecture of XiTrust MOXIS, organizations can enjoy unparalleled flexibility in how and where they deploy their eSignature capabilities, whether on-premises or off-premises. This solution simplifies the process of signing batches of up to 100 documents and ensures each signature meets the highest standards of compliance with international regulations such as eIDAS and ZertES. With the option to use your organization's own signing certificates, XiTrust MOXIS enhances your brand’s visibility and trust in every transaction. Designed to integrate effortlessly with the Nuxeo ecosystem, it streamlines workflows, reduces operational bottlenecks, and secures your digital transactions against evolving threats, all while maintaining the integrity of your documents.

Batch Document Signing

Unlock unparalleled efficiency by signing up to 100 documents simultaneously, drastically reducing the time spent on document processing and enabling rapid completion of large-scale signing tasks.

Multiple Signature Qualities

Cater to diverse legal and regulatory requirements with support for Simple Electronic Signatures (SES), Advanced Electronic Signatures (AES), and Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES), ensuring your organization's signing processes are compliant with eIDAS, ZertES, and other international standards.

Customizable Signing Certificates

Enhance the authenticity and brand recognition of your signed documents by utilizing your organization's own certificates for signing. This feature allows for a higher degree of personalization and trust in each transaction, aligning with your corporate identity.

Document Integrity

Maintain the original content and structure of your documents throughout the signing process. Our technology ensures that the integrity of your documents is preserved, safeguarding against unauthorized modifications and ensuring that your documents remain legally binding.

Versatile Signing Capability

Facilitate a seamless collaborative signing process by allowing documents to undergo multiple signings, including those performed by different e-signing vendors, without compromising the validity of previously applied signatures. This interoperability enhances workflow flexibility and efficiency.

Cloud-Native Flexibility

Benefit from a cloud-native application that supports both on-premise and off-premise deployment options. This flexibility allows for tailored implementation according to your organization’s specific IT infrastructure, security requirements, and operational preferences.

Global Compliance

Achieve peace of mind with a solution that is ready out of the box to meet stringent standards such as eIDAS, ZertES, DSGVO, and ISO 27001. Our commitment to compliance ensures that your document signing processes are in line with the latest regulations and best practices.

Data Sovereignty

Address concerns related to data privacy and jurisdiction with a solution that operates independently of the Cloud Act. This feature ensures that your data remains protected under the jurisdictional laws most favorable to your organization, reinforcing your data sovereignty and privacy strategy.

Requirements We Cover

Who Can Benefit From This Solution?

Designed for Nuxeo users, this advanced signature solution is ideal for:

  • Industries with High-Volume Document Workflows like HR, legal, finance, automotive, and construction, where secure and efficient document signing is crucial.
  • Organizations needing to meet international standards like eIDAS and ZertES, ensuring all documents signed through Nuxeo are legally compliant and secure.
  • Businesses looking to utilize their own digital certificates for a more personalized and secure signing process directly within the Nuxeo environment.
  • Those requiring a solution independent of the US Cloud Act, ensuring data managed in Nuxeo remains under strict privacy standards.
  • Organizations that deal with documents requiring signatures from various parties who might use different e-signing platforms. 
  • Nuxeo users who prioritize a clean, user-focused experience free from intrusive advertising cookies and tracking.
  • Organizations currently employing one or multiple Document Management Systems (DMS) or Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECM) like Documentum, FileNet, IBM, OpenText, SER...
  • Entities grappling with elevated maintenance fees for existing ECM/DMS platforms or confronting an End of Life (EOL) scenario.
  • Enterprises aiming to streamline operations, diminish complexity, and curtail internal expenses.
  • Businesses running legacy ECM/DMS systems with restricted new features, obsolete product stacks, or outdated user interfaces.
  • Corporations seeking a cloud-native, low-code, and open-source Content Services Platform (CSP) proficient in handling substantial volumes.
  • Companies in search of an experienced Hyland Nuxeo partner to elevate their content management capabilities.

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