Legacy WORM Storage Enabler for Nuxeo

Bridge the gap between old and new: enable the integration of legacy storage systems into modern Content Services Platforms (CSP) without the need for extensive migration projects. Preserve the value of existing data and enhance it by bringing legacy content under the governance and capabilities of Nuxeo.


The Legacy WORM Storage Enabler for Nuxeo is designed to streamline data management and reduce operational costs. As you do not need to migrate or change your existing WORM or Content Addressed Storage Systems (CAS), such as Centera or ECS, you can save time, money, and resources, as well as avoid potential risks and challenges associated with data migration. Prime Force’s tool provides you with the flexibility to use the Nuxeo Platform as a modern content services platform (CSP) compatible with a range of storage providers. The Legacy WORM Storage Enabler for Nuxeo accelerates time to market, by simply reusing the existing legacy storage solutions. 

Seamless Integration

The Legacy WORM Storage Enabler for Nuxeo is engineered for effortless integration with any existing or new Nuxeo installation. It accommodates a variety of deployment environments, ensuring a compatible and hassle-free setup. This feature guarantees that regardless of your system's current state, integration is straightforward and does not disrupt existing workflows.

Data Linkage

Our solution excels in creating a seamless connection between your legacy content and the Nuxeo Platform. It reads existing content and metadata from your WORM-like storage systems and establishes a direct linkage into Nuxeo. This ensures that all historical data remains accessible and manageable within the Nuxeo ecosystem without the need for data duplication, preserving the original data integrity and context.

Governance Enhancement

Beyond mere data storage, the Legacy WORM Storage Enabler for Nuxeo amplifies governance capabilities within the Nuxeo Platform. Adding an extra layer of governance enables more refined control over retention rules, security policies, workflows, and life cycles. This enhanced management allows organizations to meet stringent compliance requirements and manage their data lifecycle more effectively, ensuring that governance is not only maintained but enhanced.

Efficient Management

This feature focuses on optimizing the performance and utilization of your existing Centera or ECS storage. It includes functionalities for cleaning up redundant or obsolete files, thereby streamlining the data landscape and improving overall storage efficiency. This clean-up process frees up valuable storage space and enhances your data's performance and availability, contributing to a more efficient and cost-effective storage environment.

Open-Source Foundation

Built on the sturdy foundation of the open-source Nuxeo Platform, our solution benefits from a robust, transparent, and collaborative development environment. This open-source approach ensures that our solution is not only reliable and well-supported but also continuously evolving with contributions from a global community. Users benefit from a system that is customizable, scalable, and aligned with the latest technological advancements and community best practices.

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