An Automotive OEM’s Journey from Legacy Document Management to Advanced Content Services

Whether you are considering migrating from a legacy document management system (DMS) or seeking to optimize your existing content management system, Prime Force is here to help as we did for one of the biggest Automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (Automotive OEM). Their existing DMS, Documentum, was becoming increasingly cumbersome. The platform struggled to accommodate the ever-growing volume and complexity of digital assets, including intricate CAD drawings and high-resolution image and video files essential for product development. Additionally, maintaining compliance with evolving legal and IT regulations posed a significant challenge within Documentum's outdated framework. Recognizing the need for a more efficient and scalable solution, the automotive OEM partnered with Prime Force, for our expertise in content management migrations.

Following a thorough needs assessment, Prime Force recommended the Nuxeo Platform as the ideal replacement for their existing document management system. Nuxeo, a cloud-based enterprise content services platform (CSP), offers many advantages perfectly aligned with the client’s requirements. Its inherent scalability allows for seamless accommodation of growing data volumes and diverse file types, ensuring long-term adaptability. Furthermore, Nuxeo's robust security features and built-in compliance controls significantly simplify regulatory adherence.

Understanding the critical nature of a successful migration, Prime Force adopted a collaborative approach. Our team of experts worked closely with the automotive OEM’s IT department to meticulously plan and execute the project. This involved extensive data mapping, system configuration, and user training. Prime Force's expertise in Nuxeo customization, which awarded the company the Hyland Nuxeo's 2024 Partner of the Year Award for Competency Excellence, ensured the platform seamlessly integrated with the manufacturer’s existing workflows, minimizing disruption.

Key features of the solution

The successful migration from a legacy DMS to Nuxeo brought several key features to the automotive manufacturer’s document management capabilities:

  1. Instant Provisioning: Nuxeo's ability for instant provisioning was a game-changer, significantly reducing setup times and ensuring that critical content services were available swiftly, minimizing disruption during the migration phase.
  2. Open-Source Flexibility: The open-source nature of the new enterprise content service platform empowered the OEM with unparalleled customization and flexibility, allowing for significant cost savings and the ability to tailor the platform to meet unique operational requirements and regional compliance needs.
  3. API-First Design & AI API Capabilities: Embracing an API-first approach, Nuxeo facilitated seamless integration with the OEM's existing ecosystem, including production, supply chain management, and CRM systems. And, by leveraging AI APIs, the platform brought intelligent content analysis into the fold, enhancing decision-making with predictive insights. 
  4. Cloud-Native Architecture: The cloud-native foundation of the solution enabled scalable, resilient, and agile content management solutions. This allowed the automotive OEM to dynamically scale resources according to demand, supporting growth and innovation without the burden of managing physical infrastructure.
  5. Modern Software Stack: The adoption of a modern software stack ensured that the platform was built on the latest technologies, offering robust security features, high performance, and reduced vulnerability to cyber threats, thus aligning with the automotive industry's stringent security standards.
  6. Connectivity Across Channels: Enhanced connectivity features enabled seamless access to content across departments, geographical locations, and devices, fostering a unified information ecosystem that drove efficiency and collaboration.
  7. Sharing & Collaboration Tools: The platform's advanced sharing and collaboration tools facilitated real-time teamwork among engineers, designers, and marketers, streamlining workflows and accelerating product development cycles.
  8. Low Code Environment: Nuxeo's low code environment empowered our client to quickly adapt and create custom workflows, forms, and applications, enabling agile responses to changing market demands and internal processes without extensive coding or IT involvement.


The migration process was a resounding success. Leveraging Prime Force's proven methodologies and advanced migration tools, the transition from Documentum to Nuxeo was completed within eleven weeks. The automotive OEM new development team was enabled in just two weeks, and the solution was deployed on their cloud, fully integrated with the official product stack IT releases. This swift and efficient execution ensured minimal business disruption and allowed the automotive OEM to capitalize on the benefits of the CSP migration promptly:

  • Reduced Operational Costs: The migration eliminated the need to maintain outdated legacy hardware and software. This translates into significant cost savings for our client, allowing them to redirect resources toward other strategic initiatives.
  • Enhanced Scalability and Flexibility: Prime Force empowered the manufacture to seamlessly integrate new content types and workflows as their needs evolve with the new CSP scalability features. The content services platform ensures the system can effortlessly accommodate future growth in data volume and file complexity. 
  • Improved Compliance Management: Nuxeo's built-in compliance features streamline the regulatory adherence process, which reduces the administrative burden on the IT department and safeguards sensitive information within a secure framework.

Prime Force’s solution was designed to serve as a comprehensive upgrade for an automotive manufacturer using outdated document management systems (DMS) or Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECM) Documentum. However, our expert team can tailor a solution to be effective for any industry (Finance & Banking, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, etc.) and any kind of DMS/ECM like FileNet, IBM, OpenText, and SER. Contact us, so we can help your business tackle high maintenance fees, systems approaching End of Life (EOL), limited new features, and outdated user interfaces. 

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