Chemical industry leader’s Migration to AEM as a Cloud Service

A chemical producer faced substantial challenges with its on-premises digital infrastructure, which was hampering system performance and scalability, leading to dissatisfaction among internal users. The company needed to enhance system stability, reduce operational costs, and improve scalability, particularly during high-traffic events like the Annual Shareholder Meeting.

With an ambitious vision, the enterprise partnered up with Prime Force to revolutionize its digital landscape by transitioning to Adobe Managed Services. The migration to AEM as a Cloud Service aimed not only at addressing existing challenges but also at setting a new standard for digital excellence within the company. 

We tailored a comprehensive migration to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) as a Cloud Service strategy to meet the client’s unique requirements, transitioning from on-premises solutions to a cloud-based service model. This involved:

  • Strategic Planning and Discovery: Detailed planning and analysis to understand the specific needs and challenges faced by the chemical industry giant.
  • Technical Integration and Optimization: Implementing critical integrations such as Salesforce, oAuth, and dynamic media to enhance system functionality and user experience.
  • Multisite Management and Content Migration: Facilitating a seamless transition across global operations, ensuring content consistency and compliance with regional regulations.

Key Features of the Solution:

  • Scalability and Performance: Enhanced capabilities to handle increased traffic seamlessly, ensuring a smooth user experience during critical events.
  • System Stability and Cost Reduction: Achieved through the elimination of on-premises infrastructure and migration to a more efficient, cloud-based platform.
  • Global Reach and Multi-language Support: Supporting over 25 languages and multiple regions, ensuring a global reach and local relevance.

The migration not only enhanced system quality, stability, and scalability but also ensured global performance consistency. Critical to the project's success was the seamless collaboration between the chemical producer, Prime Force, and Adobe, enabling continuous improvement and addressing challenges dynamically. Post-migration, the client continues to experience improved performance, reduced costs, and a scalable digital infrastructure ready to meet future business demands.

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