Implementing a Robust Legal Document Management System for an Automotive OEM

Managing legal documents is integral to the operational success, compliance, and competitive edge of every automotive manufacturer. Our client, an industry-leading premium Automotive OEM renowned for its sporty and high-performance vehicles with progressive design, needed a comprehensive Document Management System (DMS) that could securely store confidential documents while providing a structured and comprehensible framework.

Compliance with governmental regulations was a primary concern and the integration of a Classification System for Documents (CSD) consisting of over 50 different types of classes needed to be seamlessly incorporated into the new DMS.

Prime Force was entrusted with overcoming these challenges and implemented a robust Legal Document Management System for the Automotive OEM. We leveraged our expertise to develop a solution that met the client's requirements and included the following key steps and features:

  • Classification System Integration: The new DMS now provides a seamlessly integrated Classification System for Documents (CSD), ensuring documents are organized and retrievable with ease during the legal retention period.
  • Flexible System Concept: The developed concept supports the onboarding of additional departments, fostering secure collaboration across teams and allowing individual roles and permission settings for each department.
  • Migration and Transformation: The transition from the existing legacy system to the new DMS was executed flawlessly, preserving data integrity and augmenting functionalities.
  • Customized User Interface: A bespoke Webtop, crafted using the ECSF-Framework, now caters to the specific needs of the Legal department, featuring an intuitive interface with custom plugins and extensions.
  • Extensive Roles and Permissions: The DMS implementation includes a comprehensive roles and permissions framework, enhanced by custom scope-based extensions for a flexible document classification, complete with litigation hold and e-discovery capabilities.
  • Custom Collaborative Functions: The DMS for the Legal department has been enhanced with custom collaborative functions, including predefined tasks, secure document sharing, adaptable personal/group structures, and tools for adding comments, notes, fact sheets, and reports.
  • Integration with Microsoft Exchange: The DMS’s integration with Microsoft Exchange has centralized information management and streamlined communication, enabling efficient contact synchronization and email archiving.

The new Legal Document Management System offeres enhanced compliance, improved collaboration, and increased overall efficiency for our client. Through strategic planning and execution of advanced features, the manufacturer of premium vehicles benefited from a seamless transition, improved data organization, and enhanced data retrieval.

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