Implementation of an Archive Solution for an Insurance Group

An Original Equipment Manufacturer insurance faced a formidable challenge in their business operations: the imperative to migrate their existing customer document data storage and client data. The goal was to achieve this migration without engaging in document copy/move bulk activities or causing extended downtime. The complexity arose from a legacy data model with dedicated business rules spanning across various business units (insurance products), coupled with a high demand for business continuity, performance, and scalability. The legacy system, developed and refined over the last decade, featured highly sophisticated business processes, including the migration of legacy document annotations and reductions.

The primary objective was to replace the legacy archive system, which housed over billions of documents. The strategy aimed at ensuring interoperability between the legacy client and the new client, with a new storage provider facilitating the retention of legacy content in its original location while migrating only metadata. The migration approach adhered to a "silent" migration methodology, eliminating the need for a disruptive big bang migration.

Key features of the solution:

  • Seamless Migration: The migration process was executed without resorting to document copy/move bulk activities, ensuring a smooth transition without extended downtime.
  • Legacy System Interoperability: The solution ensured compatibility between the legacy client and the new client, allowing for a phased implementation and transition.
  • Meta Data Migration: Instead of moving entire documents, only metadata was migrated, reducing the impact on storage and facilitating efficient data management.
  • "Silent" Migration Approach: The migration strategy adopted a gradual and incremental approach, avoiding a big bang migration that could disrupt business operations.

The implementation of an Open-Source based Content Services Platform Solution marked a significant milestone for the insurance company. The migration of over billion documents was accomplished seamlessly, meeting the business challenge of preserving complex legacy data models and sophisticated business rules. The "silent" migration approach ensured business continuity, and the interoperability of the legacy and new systems facilitated a smooth transition. As a result, the insurance Group not only upgraded its archive system but also maintained performance, scalability, and business continuity, thus achieving success in their data migration initiative.

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