Empowering Public Access with Innovative Chatbot

In a collaborative effort, Prime Force participated in the development of one of the pioneering user-facing chatbots in the public sector for a service provider under European Union public law. Seamless access to public services is necessary for full participation in modern society since it promotes transparency and information dissemination. This case study delves into the challenges overcome and the successful creation of a tool that empowers public access for both internal and external users.

Project Background:

Prime Force helped design public access to essential services offered by the client, a European public service provider. Their main goal was to effectively communicate and promote employment opportunities for the European youth, through their online channels. The solution was clear: developing a public service chatbot. However, achieving this goal required designing a user-friendly interface, ensuring accessibility, and aligning with all stakeholders.

A critical aspect was crafting a chatbot interface that felt intuitive and harmonious with the client's existing Design System principles. This ensured brand consistency and minimized the learning curve for users already familiar with the client's online platforms, building a stronger client relationship.

The chatbot adhered to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to ensure inclusion, better usability, and legal compliance. WCAG establishes a set of international standards for building accessible online content. Simpler language, proper use of alt text for images, and keyboard navigation are all examples of WCAG recommendations that make things easier for everyone. By strictly following these guidelines, the chatbot was designed to be inclusive and user-friendly for everyone, including people with disabilities like visual impairments, hearing loss, mobility issues, and cognitive limitations.

Success hinged on fostering close collaboration between Prime Force, the client, the various agencies involved, and internal departments within the client organization. This ensured all stakeholders were aligned in terms of project goals and functionalities.

Key Features Of The Solution:

  • Close Collaboration: Open and continuous communication was established with the European public services provider, agencies, and different departments within the client's organization. This facilitated a collaborative design and development process, ensuring the chatbot addressed the needs of all stakeholders.
  • Adherence to Standards: Strict adherence to the client's Design System principles and WCAG standards was crucial to guarantee a user-friendly interface that was consistent with the client's existing platforms and that met all the accessibility requirements.
  • Component Creation and Refinement:  Prime Force created new components that seamlessly integrated with the existing Design System. These components were meticulously refined through an iterative process to optimize user experience, in collaboration with a UX designer from the public services provider team.
  • Detailed Mock-ups: Our Prime Force expert designers developed detailed mock-ups to visually illustrate design concepts and effectively communicate the chatbot's functionalities. These mock-ups served as a springboard for feedback and facilitated stakeholder buy-in.


The successful culmination of this collaborative effort resulted in the creation and implementation of a chatbot tool. This innovative solution marked a significant leap forward in public service access for both internal and external users. The impact is multifaceted:

  • Empowering Young Individuals: The chatbot is a valuable resource for young individuals navigating career paths. It provides tailored guidance and support, assisting them in making informed decisions about their professional development.
  • Enhanced Public Access: The chatbot significantly improved public access to the client's services for both internal and external users. Users can now access information and complete tasks more efficiently through the user-friendly interface.

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