Press Release – March 4th, 2024: 


Esteemed recognition spotlights Prime Force's leadership in driving digital transformation and excellence in content management solutions.

SUMMARY: Prime Force, a leading provider of digital transformation solutions, has been honored with the 2024 Hyland Nuxeo EMEA Partner of the Year Award for Competency Excellence. The award underlines Prime Force's exceptional expertise and commitment to advancing business processes through innovative content management solutions and digital transformation strategies.

Prime Force, renowned for its innovation in digital transformation solutions, proudly announces its receipt of the 2024 Hyland Nuxeo EMEA Partner of the Year for Competency Excellence. This honor recognizes Prime Force's dedication to delivering superior expertise, skills, and proficiency in deploying and leveraging the Hyland Nuxeo Platform, a leading cloud-native, low-code Enterprise Content Management System (ECM).

Over the past year, Prime Force has showcased exceptional performance in implementing Nuxeo Platform solutions, reflecting a profound mastery of Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECM). Notably, Prime Force has become the most Nuxeo-certified Hyland partner worldwide. 

The Hyland Nuxeo Platform has significantly contributed to Prime Force's success, allowing the company to tackle complex challenges and deliver high-performance solutions across various industries, such as banking, financial services, automotive, insurance, and healthcare. The Prime Force Content Services Platform (CSP) solutions, powered by cloud-native Hyland Nuxeo technology, make business-critical processes more efficient and secure. Furthermore, Prime Force’s Content Services Platform (CSP) solutions based on Hyland Nuxeo have led to significant cost savings. 

Noteworthy implementations of Prime Force’s expertise include the 'AI Data Collection Platform' and the 'Enterprise Archive Migration' solution. These initiatives demonstrate the successful integration of proven solutions, outstanding technical skill, and deep experience with Hyland Nuxeo, significantly enhancing our clients' operational effectiveness.

The sentiment throughout Prime Force echoes a collective pride and gratitude for this recognition. The award reflects the hard work and dedication of the entire Prime Force team and their clients' trust and support.

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About Prime Force Group: 

Prime Force is a leading company in the field of mission-critical digital platforms. The company was founded in 2009 and operates in 10 European countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Denmark, Croatia, Latvia, Poland, Serbia, and Sweden. With more than 150 employees and an impressive track record, Prime Force Group has earned an excellent reputation for expertise, commitment, and innovative solutions. With years of experience and expertise in the industry, Prime Force assists businesses in successfully navigating digital transformations and strengthening their competitiveness in the digital era.

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