Press Release – DECEMBER 20th, 2023: 


Prime Force's Commitment to Social Responsibility and the Promotion of Digital Education

Following the conclusion of its successful LinkedIn charity poll, Prime Force is pleased to announce the results and the allocation of donations. The poll, which ran from December 13th to December 20th, 2023, aimed to determine the distribution of a €3,000 donation among three non-profit initiatives dedicated to advancing digital education and competencies among school-aged children.

The allocation of the donations, based on the results of the poll, is as follows:

Each of these organizations makes a valuable contribution to enhancing digital education and competencies among young people. With these donations, Prime Force specifically supports projects that enable students to better understand the technological, ethical, and social aspects of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, helping them navigate our increasingly digital world.

Thanks to all participants in the survey

Prime Force extends its gratitude to all the participants of the poll for their invaluable contributions. "Every vote helped us make a positive difference and fulfill our corporate social responsibility," says Marc Haarmeier, CEO of Prime Force.

This charitable initiative highlights Prime Force's commitment to social responsibility and the promotion of digital education. The company remains dedicated to not only leading in the digital realm but also in supporting the next generation to bridge the digital divide and create a more inclusive future.


About Prime Force Group: 

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