Press Release – DECEMBER 13th, 2023: 


Prime Force Takes a Stand for Solidarity and Promotes Digital Education for the Next Generation

In an era where digital literacy is becoming increasingly crucial, Prime Force, a leading company in the field of mission-critical digital platforms, has made a firm commitment to societal responsibility. The company firmly believes that fostering digital education for the emerging generation is not just a necessity but a shared responsibility for society as a whole. 

Rather than giving traditional holiday gifts, Prime Force has chosen to express its gratitude for the outstanding collaboration in the year 2023 through a meaningful charitable initiative. Three non-profit initiatives have been selected, all dedicated to advancing digital competence and promoting social inclusion, particularly among school-aged students. These organizations cover a broad spectrum of educational initiatives, ranging from imparting media literacy to educating on technical, scientific, ethical, and social aspects related to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The selected organizations are:

Invitation to participate in this initiative

Starting from today, December 13th, until December 20th, 2023, everyone has the opportunity to vote for one of these three initiatives on LinkedIn. Upon completion of the survey, Prime Force will distribute a donation of €3,000 in accordance with the distribution of votes among the three organizations.

Prime Force invites all to participate in this initiative and join hands in making a positive impact by supporting digital education and opportunities for the next generation. This charitable initiative demonstrates how companies are taking their responsibility towards society seriously and actively contributing to shaping a better future.

You will find the LinkedIn initiative at:


About Prime Force Group: 

Prime Force is a leading company in the field of mission-critical digital platforms. The company was founded in 2009 and operates in 10 European countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Denmark, Croatia, Latvia, Poland, Serbia, and Sweden. With more than 150 employees and an impressive track record, Prime Force Group has earned an excellent reputation for expertise, commitment, and innovative solutions. With years of experience and expertise in the industry, Prime Force assists businesses in successfully navigating digital transformations and strengthening their competitiveness in the digital era.

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