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Leadership Transition to Marc Haarmeier


It was a sunny Friday at the end of October when the Prime Force Group convened its employees from ten countries for a special corporate event in Vienna. However, for Christian Gröger, Co-Founder and CEO for the past 14 years, it was also a significant personal milestone. On November 1st, he handed over the reins of the company to Marc Haarmeier, the new CEO. We take a look at the success story of Prime Force under Christian Gröger's leadership and delve into the strategic plans that the new CEO, Marc Haarmeier, has in store for the company – an inspiring narrative of growth and change.

A Success Story Across 10 Countries

When Prime Force was established in 2009 with the mission of captivating customers with expertise, dedication, and innovative ideas in the realm of Enterprise Content Management and Digital Experience, no one could have foreseen the rapid and triumphant evolution of the company. Today, 14 years later, the company spans 10 European countries, boasting over 150 experienced employees from diverse cultures who shape their customers' digital transformation journey. The key to their success lies in the consistent and successful execution of innovative digital projects for nearly a decade and a half.

Customized Solutions for Digital Transformation

MWith extensive expertise in the Automotive & Manufacturing, Banking & Insurance, Pharma, Retail, Media, Healthcare and Construction industries, Prime Force serves esteemed companies. Their focus on tailor-made solutions empowers clients to swiftly and effectively implement forward-thinking approaches, thus propelling digital transformation. Christian takes exceptional pride in the remarkable expertise and commitment of his team members. "Each day, I was impressed by the competence and dedication of our team. Their dedication to project success and their excellence have led every project to success, even in times of unexpected challenges. This positions us excellently for the next decade," he emphasizes.

The Transition

For Christian, "now is the time to pass the baton." He eagerly looks forward to this new chapter in his life and to "recover and rethink various aspects." The transition was well thought out and meticulously planned, with the primary goal of seizing all the opportunities that a smooth leadership change offers.

Marc Haarmeier: The New Leader

Christian is firmly convinced that Marc is the right successor. "We've known each other for 25 years and previously worked together at the US technology company, Documentum. Marc brings exceptional knowledge in our business domains. He is wellversed in the technologies and our business partners, and over the course of his career, he has also met many of our customers, understanding precisely what they need." Equally important to both is Marc's ability to introduce fresh and exciting ideas.

The Magic and Significance of the Name

Marc has been closely following Prime Force's development since its inception, partly due to their shared professional experiences in the late '90s. His enthusiasm for the company's name is palpable: "There's something magical about a well-chosen company name, and 'Prime Force' still excites me today; it's exceptionally chosen. It's a blend of 'PRIME,' representing the aspiration to always be at the forefront, discover new things, and find innovative solutions, and 'FORCE,' signifying a collective effort to drive things forward and achieve success together. It also reminds us that we are most successful as a team."

Continuity ...

For Marc, it's vital to continuously evolve the company, its vision, and the brand. The existing expertise in modern, cloud-based platforms for Digital Experience, optimized customer experiences, improved analytics, and Content Services as a critical platform managing all of a company's content are integral to Prime Force.

... and Innovation: How Artificial Intelligence Conquers the Industry

Moreover, Marc is driving a new focus within the company: Artificial Intelligence (AI). For Marc, AI has been a topic of interest long before the success of ChatGPT. In 2021, he published a book on "Artificial Intelligence for Small and Medium Enterprises," focusing on the successful implementation and utilization of AI applications in businesses. "In everything we do at Prime Force, we must consider how we can sensibly employ AI," Marc emphasizes. His motto, "AI-First!" is a central pillar for the company's future.

Visions for the Future

Marc's extensive experience has convinced the entire top management of the Prime Force Group that they've found the right person in Marc to elevate Prime Force to the next level. While AI-supported processes have already been integrated into some automation processes, Marc's "AI-First!" initiative will significantly advance Prime Force. This, Marc is certain of, and so is everyone else who knows him.

Social Responsibility

Marc, however, doesn't view AI solely as a business opportunity but also as a societal responsibility. As Chairman of the Board, he is driving the establishment of the nonprofit organization MI4People. "The idea behind MI4People is to provide people worldwide with access to cutting-edge AI tools that they would not otherwise have access to," he explains. MI4People is developing solutions for the healthcare sector, such as AI-supported analysis of X-rays to improve the quality and speed of diagnoses, even in regions with limited medical resources. Other projects involve AI tools for satellite-based detection of ocean debris or assessing soil quality for agriculture.

Prime Force on the Path of Innovation

At the end of this sunny Friday in Vienna, the entire team could be sure of one thing: Prime Force will continue its journey of innovations, guided by the clear goal of ongoing success. Under the new CEO, Marc Haarmeier, the company remains firmly at the forefront of its industry. Marc's vision is to further fuel the spirit of innovation and set new standards. And for those who know him, it's clear that with his inspiring personality, he will effortlessly inspire both his organization and customers and partners alike for this exciting journey forward.


About Prime Force Group:
Prime Force Group is a leading provider of Content Services platforms and Digital Experience solutions. The company was founded in 2009 and operates in 10 European countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Denmark, Croatia, Latvia, Poland, Serbia, and Sweden. With more than 150 employees and an impressive track record, Prime Force Group has earned an excellent reputation for expertise, commitment, and innovative solutions.

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Change of leadership Marc Haarmeier (left) and Christian Gröger (right)
Change of leadership Marc Haarmeier (left) and Christian Gröger (right)