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Migrating from Oracle Java to Azul OpenJDK

For the fourth time in four years, Oracle has changed how it prices and licenses Java. Many organizations that rely on Java apps are switching from Oracle JDK to OpenJDK and taking advantage of significant cost savings in the process. Learn how to seamlessly migrate from Oracle Java to Azul OpenJDK by registering for Prime Force and Azul’s German-language webinar.

Gerrit Grunwald - Principal Engineer (Azul) and Stephan Weber Senior Channel Account Manager (Azul)Developed for DevOps professionals seeking clarity on migrating from Oracle Java to Azul Platform Core, in this webinar, Prime Force and Azul experts provide you with an overview of the migration process, as well as valuable insights. We demystify the process by sharing key topics such as Azul's security updates, features, fixes to mitigate security risks, and Technology Compatibility Kit. 

With over 100 successful Java implementations in the last 14 years, Prime Force has partnered up with Azul to offer you this Migrating from Oracle Java to Azul OpenJDK webinar. Register to gain a comprehensive understanding of the migration to Azul Platform Core and optimize your Java environment. Trusted by 63% of Fortune 100 companies, Azul provides you with valuable technical insights as we delve into the migration process. 

Harness the full power of Prime Force's and Azul’s DevOps practice expertise, support, enhanced security measures, application optimizations, and insightful cost-reduction strategies. Complete the form below to gain access to this free German-language webinar. 

If you're managing a diverse portfolio of specialized Java applications, developed at different times and running on various JDK versions, transitioning might seem like a challenge. Azul's e-book is tailored to enhance your understanding of OpenJDK migration and answer all your questions. Fill out the form below to receive a FREE copy and jumpstart your migration process.

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