CSS Day 2024: Celebrate a Decade of CSS Innovations!

Mark your calendars for June 6-7 and join us in Amsterdam for CSS Day 2024, celebrating 10 years of CSS advancements. With 14 expert speakers including Rachel Andrew, Sara Soueidan, and Tab Atkins-Bittner, you'll dive deep into topics like CSS layout, accessibility, and cutting-edge techniques. Although the event is sold out, you can still be part of the experience through live streaming. Engage in insightful discussions and network with fellow CSS enthusiasts in the historic Zuiderkerk. Don’t miss out on this premier event for web developers and designers!

Why CSS Day 2024 is a Must-Attend Event

CSS Day 2024 stands out as a premier event for web developers and designers eager to stay at the forefront of CSS technology. This year marks the conference's 10th anniversary, promising an extraordinary lineup of 14 industry leaders like Rachel Andrew and Sara Soueidan. Dive into sessions on advanced CSS techniques, accessibility, and modern layout practices. The informal, engaging atmosphere fosters networking and deep dives into discussions that can transform your web development skills. Whether attending in person or via live stream, CSS Day 2024 offers invaluable insights and connections.

Talks and Events

The CSS Day 2024 in Amsterdam opens at 8:30 AM each day, featuring sessions from top industry experts such as Matthias Ott, Rachel Andrew, Sara Soueidan, and Tab Atkins-Bittner. Each session is 50 minutes, covering topics like web design engineering, utility-first CSS, accessibility, and scroll-enhanced experiences. Enjoy ample networking opportunities with breaks, lunch, and post-event discussions until 9:00 PM. Discover all the session details and prepare for two days of CSS mastery.

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