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Prime Time


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Marco Affolter / Eyedentity GmbH


and the impact beyond the sphere of PFG

There is little doubt that Christian has left one or another of his meetings with us, his loyal branding consultants, gnashing his teeth a bit. We creative types, after all, march to a different beat. So it’s a good thing that Christian does too – and, even better, he doesn’t claim that difference exclusively for Prime Force. That explains why so far we’ve always been able to turn every gnashing of teeth into a delighted click of the tongue. With the following depiction of Christian as Superman, Christian’s teeth are presumably once again dangerously close to clenching – knowing him, he certainly wouldn’t wish to see Prime Force reduced to his singular personage ;-). No worries, Christian, your colleagues will undoubtedly forgive us, as an external observer, the sometimes one-dimensional and unabashed focus on the person of Christian Gröger.


Prime Force at the moment of inception

Back in 2009, Christian visited us in the meadows of the Zurich Oberland, far from any of the metropolitan creative hotbeds, in search of branding inspiration for his clearly formulated, but as-yet-unnamed project. Just a young creative start-up at the time, we owed the pleasure of his visit to a recommendation. The meeting, as time would tell, proved auspicious for both parties. For in the end, our collaboration turned out to be a boon for both of us.


PLAN B – NO THANKS: To that pivotal meeting back then, Christian came armed not only with the relevant documents, but also burdened by a lot of small-minded ballast accumulated over the years. As a loyal member of the executive team, he had been exposed to a good deal of conventional wisdom and had toed the line in exemplary fashion. But he was all too glad to unload that ballast now. He is the type of person who knows, and wants to know, only one plan: plan A. From this moment, he has no interest in meandering byways. No – from now on, he’s the bulldozer paving the way for the autobahns of the future. With a fresh name and a compelling word mark up his sleeve, he set off on his quest to conquer Europe with Prime Force.


FAST IS NOT FAST ENOUGH: Once unleashed, there was no holding him back. It seemed as if Christian had Superman’s ‘S’ emblem on his chest and far-off goals suddenly seemed within reach through the sheer force of his superpowers. Prime Force morphed from a promising project into a seasoned brand almost overnight.


A handful of heroes is born

THE PIONEERING DAYS Even Superman needs help at times. Christian was quick to grasp the importance of gathering other heroes around him, forming them into a formidable team of seven specialists with one and all committed to the same objective. Those

magnificent seven then became a dozen and the dozen soon became a bona fide company.


Und der Ausbau der Basislager

PFG TROOPS AROUND EUROPE The mission of “being different” soon developed into a proper Europe campaign with a growing number of autonomous base camps. More and more Prime Force flags were hoisted into the air. Internalizing this sense of “being different” and the verbal elaboration of this top maxim had an impact. Before long, PFG values had spread to the remotest outposts of the PFG territory. Status: Mission completed, campaign to be continued.



Belief in the power of stories

OTHERS WILL STILL BE SEARCHING FOR IT IN THE FUTURE – PRIME FORCE HAS IT NOW: We’re referring to stories. Moving, funny, astonishing, cool, impressive, surprising or forward-looking anecdotes. Stories of unrecognized superpowers and heroic acts of pioneering. And the collective belief in the ability to personally chart the course of the future of IT as a young-at-heart market participant bent on beating the rigid ways of the past.

And we look forward to the next chapter of heroic missions that Christian and his Prime Force crew will write as this unique campaign continues to unfold.


Thank you.


The branding crew

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