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PFG journal

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Parental time (out) in Paradise



Two months of parental timeout – this should be used in a relaxed manner! Thought Done. Bag packed and off to Thailand with my family: Koh Samui, Khao Lak and Phuket were our stations in paradise. This also appealed to our one-year-old son Philipp, as the Thai hospitality was particularly dedicated to him: Thais are extremely fond of children. There's going to be cuddled, laughed and played like crazy. No wonder our little one was thrilled.


When the Easter Bunny was supposed to knock on the door, Thailand celebrated New Year. The traditional New Year celebration of Thai peoples is called Songkran, which is based on the Thai lunar calendar. At the big feast everybody had their face covered with white paint and then showered-off with water. At 34 degrees it is a welcomed change. All the nicer then, as we were allowed to participate in the New Year's festival – we didn't even miss our chocolate Easter eggs.





I have done it: I have completed my first Ironman 70.3! The location for this should have been something very special. No idyllic mountain lakes and mountains in Austria. No, off to Dubai and explore the desert. Sweating at 45 degrees - no problem having the right goal in mind.


I have well-deserved the after-party: the Carbo-Loading-Party in front of the only 7 star hotel in the world, the Burj al Arab - exactly, the hotel that looks like a sail - was also top class. In front of the hotel on the well-cared lawn looking like a golf course, awaited a banquet difficult to surpass: cooks with Cook caps, tables with white slip covers, noble dishes and wine glasses as far as the eye can see. A real culinary delight par excellence. And this in a country in which I otherwise was contenting myself rather with overcooked noodles.





Test of courage: dog sledding with a colleague. Very difficult for a control freak like me. Yet relaxing. Note: go slowly into the curves and set your focus correctly. Then it works quite well - with the dogs and the colleague.


Otherwise pure nature. The best thing that Sweden has to offer: untouched empty nature. And yet, as in many places: moaning that the Winter is not what it once was.




My highlight: Standing on the edge, on the western side of the Huangpu River snaking through Shanghai and watching the impressive Shanghai skyline. The financial district on the opposite side  trumps with three record-breaking buildings: the Jin Mao Tower (left) was with its 420.5 meters the highest building in Asia for a long time. The Shanghai World Financial Center (right) is 492 meters high – is colloquially called "bottle opener". The roundish curved Shanghai Tower (center) is since 2016, with an impressive 634 meters the highest building in Asia. In addition, it has the fastest elevators in the world which travel up and down with 74km/h. For those who want to enjoy the skyline with a delicious drink: The Roof Top Bar Rouge is an impressive experience in the evenings.