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Software testing

Why Prime Force

Prime Force is a company specializing in software implementation, deployment and maintenance - at each of these stages a perfectly functioning quality control team is essential. Our test team consists of experienced and certified (ISTQB) specialists, who are able to work in a difficult and complex environments. Moreover, they provide leaders and managers a complete overview of the quality of the developed software.

If you need support in this area, or if you need to verify that your team is working optimally, please contact us - we' ll be happy to help!

In the area of quality assurance we provide the following services:

Verification of system requirements (testing studium)

Planning the test implementation

Preparation of test cases

Functional tests

Test automation

Drafting and preparation of test reports

What will you gain from working with us

As a supplier, we put the interests of our customers in the first place. By choosing to work with us you gain access to an experienced team and our knowledge base.

Properly conducted tests will provide you with full knowledge of the software you will be implementing - it will protect you from unknowingly approving the implementation, which may disrupt the smooth operation of your business.