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Document management / ECM

The utopian paradigm of the so-called Paperless Office has a history of over 20 years. Organizations all over the world have tried and continue to try to achieve this state with varying results. While the complete elimination of physical documents is a very difficult process and may not always make much sense, the implementation of IT systems supporting document circulation is simply a necessity nowadays. 

One of the primary effects of implementing the ECM system is the streamlining of processes. The implementation of the system itself is only the very tip of the iceberg. However, it is accompanied - in the vast majority of cases - by improvement of work management as such. Probably the majority of professionally active people used to work with SharePoint in the past, which is also an example of ECM. Many of those individuals have negative experiences in this respect. Not that SharePoint is a wrong solution, in many cases it proves to be effective. Assuming that it is implemented in the right way. Prime Force has the ability to do it.

The solutions support, among others:

  • Automation (robotization) of handling incoming correspondence 
  • Management of document archiving (according to JRWA), including ISO documentation management 
  • Control of the document approval process 

Why ECM? Here are some examples of problems that ECM solves:

  • Access to documents from many different locations - as including the home office
  • Chaos in working on individual documents. Each employee creates his/her own version of a document, saves a copy then sends it by e-mail. The result is a monster looking like analysis_1_2_final_correction_MK_final_correction_after_correction_v2_mm.docx. 
  • Improper or lack of control over document archiving. Both national and international regulations require that certain documents shall be kept for a predetermined time. Most organizations have no overview of the process - documents either are lost prematurely or there is no individual in the company who is brave enough to remove them.

ECM is not merely Documentum. Apart from strictly commercial solutions, we also run open-source implementations such as Alfresco or Nuxeo. 

Our services are among others:

  • Support in choosing the right ECM platform
  • Implementation of a dedicated solution
  • Hosting
  • Support and takeover of maintenance of systems in use