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CSS Versicherung - Inbound Management


CSS Insurance wanted to standardise its Input Management System company-wide, classify all incoming documents and customer-relevant input channels (e-mail, letter, fax, websites, customer gateway, mobile phone) in high quality and identify the required process data. Through the conveyance of documents, including the recognised process data, to the internal core applications, business processes should receive optimum support and be optimised.


As the first step, on the basis of SmartFix ad its own internal development, Prime Force received and classified incoming documents and defined the process data required for this. In the second step, Prime Force processed structured and unstructured medical treatment invoices and integrated the accompanying service settlement system. Finally, the Input Management System was prepared for all incoming documents and all CSS-relevant input channels throughout the company and further required core applications were integrated.

Customer Feedback

“At Prime Force Group, customer service and problem solving always come first. The employees are professionally competent in their various segments and provide very good quality. I appreciated their valuable work and would cooperate with them again at any time.“

Loris Bortoluzzi, cadre member, CSS Versicherung AG

August 2012 to August 2013
  • Expansion of an Input Management System