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Credit Suisse - Output Management


Credit Suisse planned a gradual replacement of its existing Host-based Output Management System with a Java or WebLogic-based Middleware Output Management System.


Prime Force applied Assentis DocFamily and integrated it with Credit Suisse‘s Java WebLogic infrastructure. On the input side, Prime Force had to implement the interfaces required for the delivery systems and connect various output channels: 

  • PVS (Mail despatch route)
  • EOS (Online Banking)
  • RET (Retained correspondence)
  • ELAR (Electronic Archive)
  • OCF (Output Channel Fax)

Customer Feedback

“Impossible? Never! Never stop thinking. Continuous improvement – most strive for it, but Prime Force has it.“

Marco Guatelli, Sector Head ECM, Credit Suisse

January 2010 to June 2013

Creation of an Output Management System for

  • Mail despatch routes
  • Online banking
  • Correspondence
  • Electronic Archive
  • Fax