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IT Consultancy is our core business.

As an independent, Europe-wide IT consultancy enterprise, we offer comprehensive advice on Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Web Content Management (WCM):


Before we begin an IT project, we analyse the starting situation and determine requirements. The purpose of our business analysis is to understand the structures and business processes of our customer’s enterprise, for only then can we recommend solutions which will allow him to optimise his structures and processes.

Part of the business analysis is also the requirements analysis. This is part of the system development process and requirement management. With the requirements analysis we determine what our customer wants from the system to be developed. We check customer requirements and structure the data established.


We assume management over complex IT projects, employing recognised project management methods such as SCRUM. In this way we steadily apply the project at the customer’s premises and proceed in a structured manner. Together with our customer we fulfill the pre-defined, determinable objectives of each stage, without any nasty surprises.


We integrate complex IT system landscapes. When visiting our customer, we examine his existing system landscapes into which our IT solutions should fit seamlessly. This involves more than just merging several devices or various technologies. It requires more complex connections, newly-defined interfaces and reliable security measures. 

We specialise in all stages of system integration: 

  • Homogeneous system structure
  • Avoidance of redundancy
  • Smart application of human and technical resources
  • An overview of the business processes


To identify faults in good time, we incorporate test management already in the development process. In this way we determine faults in good time and correct them already during the development phase. This is very efficient and saves costs. 

This is how we apply test management: 

  • Receipt of requirements and examination of test cases
  • Production of a test design
  • Test management
  • Planning and execution of test projects
  • Handover tests
  • Analysis and improvement of the software development process


We also support the operation and support of IT systems. When complex IT systems are further developed, unexpected faults may occur, or apparently compatible systems may suddenly produce nasty surprises. The more complex and IT system, the more difficult it is to find the true cause of the fault. Problems are often caused by a combination of factors: apart from technology, operation of the system also leads to faults. 

We offer Troubleshooting for such situations. We steadily search for the cause of IT problems and repair them. Count on our experience. We take a close look, examine the causes and look for a solution. Because we know that IT problems are often time-critical, we help our customers without complication and professionally, and always act in a structured manner.