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Work method

This is how Prime Force is working.

We do not conform to the standards of our competitors, but set our own standards. We deliberately question conventional thought templates. We follow new paths and are open to change.

Project teams

We work with and for each other. Prime Force project teams are formed according to the “best fit principle“: the best people for a particular project form a team. We work closely with the employees of our customers – often at the customer’s premises. Thanks to our varied specialists, we are able to serve our customers according to their requirements. Find out more about our Team Competencies

Prime Force employs a balanced mix of

  • Senior Consultants with broad experience,
  • Troubleshooters capable of reacting
  • Established Project Managers who keep their nerve even in difficult situations, and
  • Pragmatic Strategy Advisors.

Moreover, we count on good cooperation with our Partner Firms. Our Customers benefit from this every day.