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PrimeForce specialises in input management

Sursee, 31 July 2017

PrimeForce Group Int. AG is setting up a new subsidiary in Freiburg, Germany, which is to focus on input management. The PrimeForce Group is the specialising in an area important for digitisation.

The Swiss IT consulting group PrimeForce Group Int. AG has established a new branch office in Freiburg, Germany. The Freiburg office will specialise in the field of input management. The two partners Dietmar Enghauser and Uwe Fabig both bring more than twenty years of experience in the fields of scanning and input management. Christian Gröger, CEO of the PrimeForce Group, values the new acquisition: "Input management is an important part of the digitisation process that no one thinks about any more these days. Without perfectly matched system integration, reliable digitisation is not feasible. That made it all the more important that we were able to strengthen our team with two experts."

What has marked out the PrimeForce Group since its foundation is professional system integration of different applications in the area of large and complex IT landscapes. The focus of PrimeForce GmbH in Freiburg will be on the development and implementation of digitisation strategies for various input channels: from physical paper inboxes, email and telephony to chat or social media channels such as Facebook. Classification, extraction and machine-learning strategies will be used to distribute the incoming data in an automated and optimised manner into the follow-on systems. PrimeForce Freiburg will build on its experience with all market-leading systems.

The new partners of PrimeForce Freiburg are thrilled to contribute their know-how within the PrimeForce Group. "The PrimeForce Group consists of a large number of impressive IT professionals specialising in enterprise systems. It makes sense to supplement the area of input within the company with the area of input management - a key area of digitisation", says Dietmar Enghauser.



Dietmar Enghauser and Uwe Fabig, partners
Prime Force Freiburg GmbH, Gartenstrasse 21, DE-79365 Rheinhausen
Tel:  +49 761 707583 10, email: